All the Classes for Twin Saga

Twin Saga Free-to-Play MMORPG
All the Classes for Twin Saga


We have finally discovered Twin Saga's ten classes. Aeria Games has updated the game's website with new information and released a brand new video in which we get an early look at the new classes. Watch it below.

In Twin Saga players start as one of four possible classes (Swordmaster, Dragonknight, Mage or Gunslinger) and the additional six can be unlocked through certain quest lines. These are the six classes to unlock: Paladin, Cleric, Hunter, Berserker, Rogue and Occultist.

However, players are locked into a particular classes. Players can switch between classes when their characters are out of combat. And certain skills from each class can be used universally (no matter the class) once learned.

Watch the trailer now:

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