What Would You Change About… World of Warships?

What Would You Change About... World of Warships?

World of Warships is the third instalment from the WargamingWorld Of…” franchise, following from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, here players control huge battleships in World War 2 fighting over a variety of maps and a handful of game modes for some slow and strategic battles on the high seas. The game is most definitely not for everyone, lacking the pace and intensity of the previous titles, WoW is more about forward planning, positioning and having a damn good long range aim! We like the game a lot from the times we’ve checked it out, but there’s still some thing we think could make it better, and so we ask “What Would You Change About… World of Warships?

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  • Queue Times - The higher your rank, the longer your queue times. It’s the hardest part of any type of MMO where you don’t have the biggest population but have a game that relies on queued matches, particularly if you want a game that has Matchmaking so that when you get into games they are fair; it’s hard to have both. Once players reach around rank 10 then you can feel the creep on match times, climbing as high as rank 5 and those times start to skyrocketing at certain times of the day (not only off-peak) and it essentially takes the fun out of the game; you can’t compete at the level you want to. What we’d have is a minimum queue time that will automatically match players up into whatever game they can after, for example, five minutes of queueing and just give them a match; even better let players set a slider for how long they are willing to wait before being dragged into one of these matches. Either way, a thirty minute queue for a single game is just not worth it for most people.

  • Forced Ship Purchases - The game makes you spend currency on ships that you don’t actually want. We really like the technology tree system in World of Warships, we like the expansions into different hardware for your ships and upgrading modules and components. What we don’t like is that this is a pre-requisite to getting the next tier of ship, you have to buy the previous ships so that you can research and build your way up to the ship you want. We get having to spend money on researching, that’s fine, but to make players blow through their currency and buy ships they might never use is just a huge money sink that really makes that Premium ship look all the more appealing. We hate it when micro-transactions and the premium side of games sway away from adding to your experience and instead make it so that the standard experience is more tolerable.

  • Repair Costs - The amount it costs to repair high tier ships is crazy expensive. Ships take damage in battle that they need to spend currency on to repair, along with all the other stuff they need to spend currency on (ammo, upgrades, new ships) it becomes increasingly more difficult to get anywhere or do anything because repair costs are so high. It gets to the point where players with ships that are supposed to fill aggressive roles in battle are too worried about going in deep because of the repair bill at the end of the match, players are not playing higher tier ships because it costs too much to take them out. The extra costs is another subtle push towards getting free to play accounts to pay for the Premium Subscription where players get extra gold from matches, but the reality is that the games repairs are still super expensive for even these players… for the rest of us on free to play accounts then you can just forget about it.

  • More Game Modes - The three game modes are way too similar. The game has three game modes for PVP: Standard, Encounter and Domination, each are 24 (Standard Matchmaking) or 8 (Co-op Matchmaking) players per game in a team based battle. Standard game both teams are trying to control the enemy base point or destroy all the enemy ships, in Encounter both teams fight over one single point or destroy all the enemy ships, and in Domination both teams fight by controlling multiple contested bases… or destroying all the enemy ships. The game starts to feel bland and we’d love to see some different modes like Escort Missions where you must escort a player or NPC to different waypoints, VIP where one member of each team is the kill target for the enemy.

  • Team Killer Penalty - Team Killers get no penalty. Killing enemy team mates is never good, some people really just don’t care and will happily try and thread the needle shooting torpedoes through a gap in their allies to try and hit an enemy in the distance, usually hitting their own team. Other people just do it to outright grief their team. Doing this makes your name pink (oh the horror) but otherwise does very little. Team Killers need to have some sort of penalty or financial burden to their actions, even if the TK was an accident it still means players will be more careful next time before they let their torpedoes leave the chamber!

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These are some of the things that we would change about World of Warships, but what do you think? What would you change about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!

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Source: Wargaming Press Release.

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