Call of War Winter Event

Call of War Winter Event: Call of Christmas
Call of War Winter Event: Call of Christmas

Bytro Labs and offer you this Call of Christmas event for Call of War.

Call of Christmas: (Sign-up period: 20.12.2019 - 26.12.2019)

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Pack your warmest clothes and fastest sleds for our new ‘Call of Christmas’ event! In this exclusively over Christmas available event map remnants of the ‘Third Reich’ have kidnapped the world’s biggest industrialist (Codename: Santa) in Antarctica to capitalize on his skills.

To spice things up, we removed a lot of AI provinces and made all player countries completely conquerable. Additionally most resources on the map are now concentrated in several resource hotspots. What will be your strategy? Will you secure the Control Points for an early victory or will you fight over the valuable resource hotspots to sustain your army? Decide wisely and strike fast to save Christmas!

Your mission: Conquer and hold two of three Control Points for four ingame days to free Santa and win all his riches. (50.000 Gold) for Call of War

Event details
• Sign-up period: (22.12.2019 00 AM CET – 26.12.2019 11 AM CET) here Call of War
• 2x speed
• All provinces conquerable
• No coalitions
• Winner receives 50000 gold
• Random country selection
• Starts when full

When you sign up to the game from Call of War until December 25th you will recieve a free 15 € starting gift with 15.000 Gold premium currency and 1-month of premium account to get a headstart on the opposition and lead your nation to victory!

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