Call of War Update

Call of War Free to Play Cross Platform MMORTS Game
Call of War Update

Call of War the free-to-play Strategy MMO launch a new update here you have more info.

In our last update we already announced the coalition size changes. Now we also released the coalition victory. It will be possible to win as a coalition. Coalition win is declared when coalition members have reached a total of 80% of a map’s victory points. Solo wins will still be possible and triggered when a player reaches 60% of a map’s victory points.

Additionally, we have released the following new achievements:

● The Lone Wolf, will be given out when you achieve a solo victory on a ranked map

● Coalition Activist, will be given out when you achieve a coalition victory on a ranked map.

● If you reach a solo victory while being in a coalition you will only receive the ‘Lone Wolf’ award.

● Additionally to the ‘Lone Wolf’ or ‘Coalition Activist’ achievement you will of course still receive the achievement for winning the particular map.

● If you qualified for those achievements in the past already you will receive the achievements retroactive.

We also introduced new research for convoys, the transport ship. The stats are the following:

Level 1: 23km/h, available on day 1
Level 2: 30km/h, available on day 8
Level 3: 38km/h, available on day 16
Level 4: 45km/h, available on day 32

Also you are now able to see in the games list, which country you are playing in which map, visualized by showing you the specific country flag and another great improvement: You will be informed when your game with ‘starts when full’ begins.

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War for PC, For iOS Call of War iOS and for Android users go to Call of War Android

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