Call of War update November 2019

Call of War update November 2019 and events

Bytro Labs with Call of War, we are happy to announce some big changes that will find their way into the game with the upcoming "Call of War 1.5" Update. Here is a first look at the changes.

Urban Provinces:

Urban provinces are industrial centers of all states and should be more represented in Call of War. With the upcoming update, the urban provinces will be the only provinces where units and their respective production buildings can be built. For the most part, resources and victory points are concentrated in urban provinces, giving strategic importance to urban provinces.

Further changes concern the role of the buildings. Unit classes, will receive their own production building. In addition, the role of existing buildings will change and new buildings will be added. Production buildings must be upgraded in the future in order to produce newly researched units. As part of these changes, various building effects will be adjusted, and many buildings will be buildable either in urban or rural provinces.

Changes to game mechanics:

As the name suggests, Call of War is a strategy game in a historical World War II scenario. Therefore, we do not want to punish players for warring or taking provinces in the game, and in CoW 1.5, they are eliminating the moral penalty of ongoing wars. To compensate for the provincial morale penalty is strengthened by distance to the capital. In addition, a more advanced combat calculation is now used, resulting in better-to-understand results. In order to increase the chance to withdraw and heal troops, units in armies are now destroyed only when the condition of the army falls below 50%. Units will be slowed down from 50% stamina and ground battles will be updated in 30-minute instead of 60-minute intervals. Units on the field in Call of War 1.5 are no longer upgraded automatically, but newly explored higher level units must also be reproduced. These also require higher building levels to be unlocked.

Functionalities of units that have been changed:

● Commands become cloaked units that can ignore the opposing defense bonus.
● Mot. Infantry, armored cars and interceptors will receive the reconnaissance capability.
● Rockets no longer ignore the defense bonus and now damage allied units on impact.

New balancing:

In Call of War 1.5 we will also make changes to the balancing. These are so numerous that we can not list all. Nevertheless, let us emphasize a few:

There will be a clear course in the strength and cost of buildings, units and research. All values such as damage, speed, hit points, production time, costs and maintenance start at a low level and continue to increase per level. This also applies to buildings and research whose costs and effects increase with each level.

In order to set up a stone-scissors paper balancing the realities of the war, we will divide the armor class "armored" into "light armor" and "heavy armor". This will give new opportunities to counter enemy armor classes. In addition, we reviewed the roles of all units to ensure that each has its uses. As a result, the nuclear sea units are removed from the game. Some units will be more defensive or offensive and will also have different strengths against certain armor classes

Resource and gold costs are also adjusted and vary according to type and level. In the future, all units and buildings will need every resource to be built. This cost distribution will more realistically reflect the material and labor requirements. As a contrast, research will only cost manpower and money.

As already mentioned, these are only excerpts. Players will find details in the dedicated forum thread.

Upcoming Events:

Endgame 1944: (Sign-up period: 27.09.2019 - 01.10.2019)

Call of War 1944 Endgame Kopie Call of War 1944 Endgame Kopie

It is 1944: the Axis powers are on retreat and the Allies are preparing their final offensive. But the ending of the war is not decided yet... Will the Axis turn the tides of war in a decisive battle? Will Soviets and Allies clash inevitably, turning a looming Cold War into a hot one? In this 3vs3vs3 team scenario you can play as Axis, Soviets or Western Allies and change the course of history.

Swift Strike (Sign-up period: 28.11.2019 - 03.12.2019)

During the Swift Strike event everything comes down to the wire. Find the right strategy, allocate your resources in the best possible way, ally with the right powers and do all of it FAST! In this event time can be your biggest ally or your biggest enemy! To win, you have to be swift like a Luchs tank! There is no time in battle!

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War

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