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We are happy to announce today that we will bring a major research balancing update to Call of War soon. At the moment our changes are still being tested by our frontline beta community and will be released to the live servers inj the following weeks.


The research balancing update is the first step of a general balancing review in Call of War. It will increase game pacing and open up a wider variety of strategies for players to work with. As we want them to experience more units in Call of War, including those which are available in the later stages of a game round.

Research available earlier

Many iconic units can currently only be researched in the later stages of a game round. On average research time is being cut in half. Certain units can’t be researched until day 44. With the new
changes players will be able to start researching those units on day 22 or even earlier.

Adjustment of research time

We are also adjusting the pacing of research in Call of War. This means that early research levels can be completed much faster, while later research levels will take much longer to complete.

Costs reflect research pacing

Resource costs of research will be adjusted. With the new update costs will reflect research pacing. The more time it takes to finalize research on a technology, the higher the costs.

Goods are replaced by food

All goods needed by research will be exchanged with food. We are doing this to better reflect the effort it takes to conduct research with gameplay mechanics. While food became important in later
stages of a game round, players experienced a large surplus of food during earlier stages of the game.

Reduced construction time

Last but not least we reduced early construction times to support the increased research speed. To make the fast construction speed balanced we reduced the hitpoints of Infrastructure, Air Base,
Barracks and Naval Base to 5. We also changed the minimum condition at which Airbases and Infrastructures on level 1 become functioning to 5 out of 5 hitpoints.

Please note that all these changes will only available in newly started game rounds after the update.

Upcoming Events:

Free For All: (Sign-up period: 2 1.06.2019 - 25.06.2019)

Players will not know no friends nore family in the upcoming "free-for-all" event on the 100-player World Map with anonymous round features and deactivated coalitions, players will have to compete with 99 others in an uncompromising fight for survival.

Call of War Free for all
Call of War Free for all

100 Player Speedround: (Sign-up period: 28.06.2019 - 02.07.2019)

Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights during the next 14 days. But pay attention: This improved version of our popular 100p speed round not only comes with real-time dates and timers (as opposed to the 4x accelerated in-game speed) but also imposes a time limit of 14 real life days. If no player or coalition has achieved a regular victory by that time, the player with the most victory points is declared winner.

100 Players Speeddround Call of War Event
100 Players Speeddround Call of War Event

Dawn of the Patriot: (Sign-up period: 04.07.2019 - 09.07.2019)

The Axis won the war and established colonial empires in North America. While Japan exploits the west the Germans claimed the eastern shores of the former Land of the Free. But resistance is
growing in the heartland of the fallen states and patriots are reclaiming the heritage of the Founding Fathers. Liberate the United States from foreign occupation or defeat the uprising patriots in the center of the North American continent in this alternative history scenario!

Down of the Patriots Call of War Event
Down of the Patriots Call of War Event.

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