Call of War update January 2019

Call of War Free2Play Strategy MMO
Call of War update January 2019 and events

Call of War tutorial map
Call of War New Tutorial Map update

After focusing significantly on making Call of War ready for the future during the last year, we now want to make the start into the game easier and faster for all our greenhorns.

With the last update, the new 4-speed tutorial is available for all new players as a default start scenario. This scenario will give new players the opportunity to experience all aspects of the game in a faster and more action-packed game round. Experienced players may continue to join these rounds, of course - but should be nice to our newcomers.

See the Call of War 1942 Oficial Trailer here

Tutorial: An enhanced and improved tutorial will make it easier for new players on PC and mobile devices to get into the game.

● Speed- Maps: Times and dates of articles and diplomacy messages are now displayed in real-time instead of accelerated game time.

● Speed-Maps: The production menu now displays the correct construction times when a unit is already under construction.

● Speed-Tutorial-Mode: The air patrol timer now requires exactly one quarter of the time of the normal combat timer.

● WebGL: We've made further improvements to the power consumption of WebGL to reduce memory usage and crashes.

● WebGL: The animated attack timer will now also be shown for ranged units, for an improved combat overview.

● WebGL: We've improved the size of attack reach indicators at different zoom levels.

Speed Round Event: (Sign-up period: 11.01.2019 - 14.01.2019)

Call of War Speed-Round-Event Free to Play Strategy MMO
Call of War Speed-Round-Event Free to Play Strategy MMO

Short nights and long fights. At this event, players will be able to test their limits - every secondcounts in the fierce battle for supremacy on the 100-player World Map at four times the speed. If no player or coalition has made it to a regular victory by this time, the player with the most victory points will be declared the winner.

Arms Race Event: (Sign-up period: 18.01.2019 - 21.01.2019)

Call of War Arms Race Event - Call of War is a Free-to-Play MMO Strategy multi platform
Call of War Arms Race Event - Call of War is a Free-to-Play MMO Strategy multi platform

At the start of the game, five light tanks, four regular tanks, three artillery units, two mechanizedinfantry units, two anti-tank units, a commando unit and an air defense unit will be stationed in each urban province for each player to complete the already complete Protecting converted buildings, ready to take orders. In addition, three additional infantry units in all non-urban provinces.

Free-For-All Event: (Sign-up period: 25.01.2019 - 28.01.2019)

Call of War Free for all event

Players will not know no friends nore family in the upcoming "free-for-all" event on the 100-player World Map with anonymous round features and deactivated coalitions, players will have to compete
with 99 others in an uncompromising fight for survival.

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