Call of War Update and Events May 2020

Call of War Update and Events May 2020

Bytro Labs have the update and events for May 2020 on Call of War. With the next phase of Call of War 1.5 we are taking things a lot further than before! One of the major changes is the introduction of Doctrines in Call of War 1.5!

Call of War Update May 2020

Doctrines will make a huge difference in how to play a nation, so it is important to understand what the Doctrine is, how to take advantage of its strengths and how to compensate for its weaknesses. In any Call of War 1.5 game round the country a player picks will have one of four Doctrines.

Doctrines are visualized throughout the game round to make sure each player is able to immediately tell what Doctrine a country has - his own, as well as allies and enemies.


Countries with the Axis doctrine have a very powerful and sophisticated military, capable of attacking the enemy with brutal force, but also robust enough to take an extra hit, where other units might have been taken out already. This impressive power however, comes with an extra cost. While units of Axis countries are a tough opponent in battle, they come with a higher price tag than units of countries with a different doctrine.


The allied forces are masters of optimization. These countries’ strengths lie in their ability to adapt quickly and optimize production and research. Countries with the Allies doctrine produce units quicker and research faster than any other doctrine. Their research costs are lower, too. However, these advantages come at the price of a lower unit movement speed.


Countries with the Comintern doctrine don’t wait for the latest development of high-tech weaponry, when they see the possibility to just trample the enemy into the ground with overwhelming
numbers. Comintern forces may deal slightly less damage, but the lower production and upkeep costs allow these nations to bring vast numbers of troops to any battlefield.


Pan-Asian countries don’t use brute force or drown the enemy with large amounts of units. These nations make the most of preparing surprise attacks and take advantage of technology and terrains alike. Units of Pan-Asian countries not only move fast, but are also always aware of their surroundings. They have a higher view range than any other doctrine and make the best of the terrain they are fighting in. They are more vulnerable than other nations though.

Call of War Events May 2020

All Countries: All In! 4x Speed: (Sign-up period: 15.05.2020 - 19.05.2020)

All Countries, All-In! 4x Speed Conflict of Nations All Countries, All-In! 4x Speed

Did you ever want to take the reigns of the smaller nations that participated in World War 2? Now is the time, because according to the motto ‘all countries, all-in’ you can choose any historical nation that existed in 1939 in this Event here on Call of War The World War II

Try to grow a small country into a big empire or pick an established superpower and surround yourself with allies. Recreate history or conquer the whole world in this historical battle scenario!

Event Details:

● Historical world map with borders of 1939
● 73 players: Every nation of 1939 playable
● No AI countries
● Free country selection
● Starts-when-full
● Starting conditions are balanced historically
● AI & human player peace period of 12 real-life hours
● 4x speed
● Fixed runtime of 14 real life days after the game started (if not won earlier)

During the sign-up period the event maps can be found at the top of the games list. Join these event map to participate. We wish you good luck and much fun!

In this week’s scenario our focus shifts towards the battles of the pacific. Mighty fleets are cruising the biggest of all oceans and it is on you to gain control for your nation. Build up your navy and become the strongest admiral in the pacific theater of war!

If you want to play this 50 player scenario just open the games section and open the “New Games” tab. Pacific Conquest will be listed in the appearing games list and is available to level 11 players or above. All you have to do now is join us here Call of War!

Team Up! : (Sign-up period: 22.05.2020 - 26.05.2020)

Team Up Event Team UP Event Call of War

Some battles are not meant to be fought alone and our next event is one of them. Join the 100 player map and choose which of the two sides will benefit from your knowledge as a leader and tactician. Prepare for the biggest team fight in history!

Call of War 1.5 Balancing Test: (Sign-up period: 29.05.2020 - 02.06.2020)

Call of War 1.5 Balancing Test Call of War 1.5 Balancing Test image

Enemy troops are closing in and combat is unavoidable. According to reports enemy contact is expected within only a few days. Time for a last briefing on the situation before defining your strategy
for our third Call of War 1.5 Test Event!

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War- Call of The War Wolrd War II

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