Call of War udpate September 2019

Call of War udpate September 2019 and events

Bytro Labs publisher for Call of War this Free to Play MMORTS Cross Platform Game offer the updates for September and the events you can find on the game this month.

we want Call of War to provide a thrilling, realistic and balanced gaming experience for all players. With this basic idea in mind, we introduced some changes to Call of War with our latest update.

● The ability to trade units through diplomacy is removed.

● The ability to trade resources through diplomacy is limited to members of their own coalition or team.

● The minimum unit price on the commodities exchange is raised from 1.0 to 3.0.

● Introduction of a 10% trading fee for buyers and sellers on the commodities exchange.

● 10% of the money will be added to the purchase price.

● 10% of the money deducted from the amount you receive when you agree to a sale.

● After leaving a coalition, no new coalition can be joined for 3 days or a new coalition can be formed.

● After being expelled from a coalition, no new coalition can be formed for one day or a new coalition can be formed.

Premium spy actions:

With the same update we adjust the prices of the premium espionage campaigns. We took a close look at the actions and realized how strong they are. In order for this to be reflected in the balancing of the game, we have decided to adjust the prices for affected actions accordingly.

Revision of the fire control:

As announced a few weeks ago, we have taken another look at the recent changes and adjusted them according to the expectations of the players. While the aggressive fire mode remains untouched to build sea blockades, we have reset the Fire Free mode to its original behavior to prevent unwanted wars.

Elite AI for everyone:

Seeking ways to make the game better and make its features accessible to as many players as possible, we decided to release the "Elite KI" gold feature for all players in Call of War.

The Elite AI is the new standard in Call of War and replaces the current "normal AI" in all rounds started after the last update. This means that fighting against the AI from then on will always count for the statistics in your player profile. Players will experience more action in the game rounds and their diplomatic decisions will become even more important.

Upcoming Events:

Free For All: (Sign-up period: 20.09.2019 - 24.09.2019)

Call of War Free for all Call of War Free for all

Players will not know no friends nore family in the upcoming "free-for-all" event on the 100-player World Map with anonymous round features and deactivated coalitions, players will have to compete with 99 others in an uncompromising fight for survival.

Endgame 1944: (Sign-up period: 27.09.2019 - 01.10.2019)

Call of War 1944 Endgame Kopie Call of War 1944 Endgame Kopie

It is 1944: the Axis powers are on retreat and the Allies are preparing their final offensive. But the ending of the war is not decided yet... Will the Axis turn the tides of war in a decisive battle? Will Soviets and Allies clash inevitably, turning a looming Cold War into a hot one? In this 3vs3vs3 team scenario you can play as Axis, Soviets or Western Allies and change the course of history.

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War

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