Call of War udpate August 2019

Call of War udpate August 2019

Bytro Labs publisher for Call of War this Free to Play MMORTS Cross Platform Game offer the updates for August and the events you can find on the game this month.

Recently we added the scenario rotation for Call of War. Players will be able to join from a list of 4 permanently available scenarios and one of five additional weekly rotating scenarios.

The goal is to improve the gaming experience in all running scenarios and to optimize server performance. We analyzed which scenarios you play the most and which scenarios are less popular. Based on the results, we have selected scenarios that will be permanently available in the future. We expect that the new scenario rotation feature will bring a significant increase in activity on all the cards played, as the number of players is now spread over a smaller number of different cards.

The following scenarios will be permanently available:

● Tutorial Mode - Battle of the Nations
● Europe - Battle of Nations
● The Worldwar
● 1939 - Historical World War

The following scenarios will change weekly:

● America - Home Front
● Pacific War
● Dominion Antarctic
● Europe - hour of war
● 1939 blitzkrieg

The following scenarios will no longer be available:

● Tournament island
● 1941 - Mediterranean
● The English Channel

Game Creation Changes on Call of War:

Another change to increase activity in all running games will be the limitation of creating games. This change restricts this feature to members of the Army Command. Members will be able to create 1 game per month.

Changes to the fire control on Call of War:

Two weeks ago, we made some adjustments to the fire control of units. In the course of this, we have also changed the Fire Free Mode, which ensures that units of neutral nations are blocked or even attacked when they come too close to their own unit.

We have received a lot of feedback and have listened very carefully and have come to the conclusion that we want to revise and improve this mode so that the Fire Free mode lives up to the expectations of the players.

Upcoming Events for Call of War:

Cold Snap: (Sign-up period: 19.07.2019 - 23.07.2019)

Vast resource hotspots have been discovered in Antarctica. In order to support war efforts at home, it is on you to spearhead your nation into the cold continent and secure the wealth for your people as well as victory for your nation! Your mission: Conquer and hold two of three Control Points for four ingame days to claim Antarctica's resources and get rewarded with 50,000 gold by your government!

Speed Round Event! (Sign-up period: 30.08.2019 - 03.09.2019)

Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights during the next 14 days. But pay attention: This improved version of our popular 100p speed round not only comes with real-time dates and timers (as opposed to the 4x accelerated in-game speed) but also imposes a time limit of 14 real life days. If no player or coalition has achieved a regular victory by that time, the player with the most victory points is declared winner.

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War

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