Call of War Paratroopers Update

Call of War Paratroopers Update
Call of War Paratroopers Update.

Bytro Labs with Call of War this FREE Cross-platform MMORTS for PC, iOS and Android launch a new update "Paratroopers Update" you can read all about it here in

Call of War - The paratroopers have been deployed and will be avaliable from now on in all new Call of War games. This unique unit will allow you to use a new set of strategies! Surprise your opponents and sneak up on them. Drop Paratroopers in lightly guarded or unguarded strategically valuable provinces to conquer them and their resources as fast as possible. You can also drop them behind enemy lines to open a second front and allow your forces to re-group and fight back even harder!


● Can only be built in the capital.

● Has high costs and high building requirements.

● Is initially an aircraft that can start from airfields.

● The paratroop plane has low hit points and relatively low range.

● Can attack land targets: aircraft are then replaced by a paratrooper infantry at the attack site.

● Paratrooper Infantry has a cool down time before she can move.

● Paratrooper Infantry has slightly better combat stats than infantry, but moves slower.

● Paratrooper Infantry can not be reconverted into an airplane.

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War

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