Call of War December 18 Updates

Call of War Free2Play Strategy MMO

Call of War December 18 Updates

Call of War - Today we are bringing you more game improvements to lift our WebGL fueled rendering engine to the next level. Not only is it looking better than ever, it also feels smoother and more performant. The WebGL renderer is now made the default renderer for our desktop and mobile version. You can look forward to even more improvements in the future!

Here is a detailed list of this week’s improvements:

● The construction and production menus don’t jump back to the top.
● We improved the visuals of province names, capital names and victory points. This will give players a better overview and additionally improve the performance.
● We improved the visuals of the water and coasts.
● The attack timers are not hiding behind the war indicators at the province borders anymore.
● A new embarking/disembarking symbol is shown, similar to the attack timer.
● When zooming the camera far out the ranged projectiles, resource icons, province borders and urban province names are not displayed anymore for better overview.
● Unit images on the map have been rescaled when zooming out to make them more visible.
● Rocket images now show properly after launching them.
● Results of some spy actions were not visible instantly, this problem has been fixed. Also the spy symbols have improved visibility and are no longer rendered behind province names.
● The preview flight area for airplanes is back.
● The dashed attack range preview when dragging units has been added.
● We adjusted the coloring of the unit paths for moving and attacking to give a better indication of units’ current tasks and directions.
● Force march path colors are properly displayed again on the map.

Upcoming and Current Events for Call of War:

Call of Christmas sing up period 14th December 2018 to 17th December 2018

Call of Christmas Call of War Event
Call of Christmas Call of War Event

Wealthy industrialist are exploiting the resources of Antarctica and try to establish their own states. As sovereign of your empire you can’t allow that. Conquer the resource rich strategic regions of the endless snow for the good of your own people!


• 50 players (10 more than base map)
• Game ends when one player holds 2 out of 3 POIs for 5 days
• Speed map (2x or 4x)
• Dominion Map

Starting conditions:

• Players start with fast offensive units. No defensive options given.
• 75% initial resource production of regular maps, early combat for the resource-hubs.
• 15 provinces per player (10 producing / 5 non producing)


Speed Round Event - running 11th January 2019 to 14th January 2019

    Speed Round Event Call of War
    Speed Round Event Call of War

  • 4x speed

  • Starts-when-full

  • Random country selection

  • 1 real life day of AI & human player peace period

  • Fixed runtime of 14 real-life days after the game started


Arms Race Events - running 25th January 2019 to 28th January 2019

Call of War Arms Race Event - Call of War is a Free-to-Play MMO Strategy multi platform
Call of War Arms Race Event - Call of War is a Free-to-Play MMO Strategy multi platform

● 2x speed
● 1st place (single win) gets 10,000 Gold + VP
● Starts-when-full
● Random country selection


Source Bytro Labs - Call of War

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