Call of War 20 euros Free Items

Call of War 20 euros Free Items
Call of War 20 euros Free Items

Bytro Labs and with Call of War World War II offer this Free Starer Pack to our users create a new account with our link (PC, Android and iOS version) and win 3 Months Premium Account for FREE and 15.000 Goldmark, value 20€ / 20$ will end on March 17th. Call of War 20 euros Free Items

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Step 2. Head to Call of War for PC, For iOS Call of War iOS and for Android users go to Call of War Android in order to signup.

Call of War, also known as 1942: Call of War World War II, is a free-to-play browser-based multiplayer strategy game developed by Bytro Labs where players can command forces and fight in battles of World War II. In Call of War it is the year 1942 and the world is full of conflict. The most powerful nations in the world are warring with each other and need a leader, which is where you come in, you can play on PC, iOS, Android, ...

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