Blade & Soul Releases Shattered Empire


The Shattered Empire content update has arrived in Blade & Soul, introducing a brand-new PvP mode, two new heroic dungeons and a new section to the Mushin's Tower (floors 9 to 15).

Whirlwind Valley offers a new way to enjoy PvP in this free to play MMORPG, a 6v6 objetive-based mode in which players must fight and maintain control over different objetives to get points. The first team to reach 1800 points will win. Players will earn battle points, which can be used to purchase different items, such as materials and costumes.

In this mode gear is not equalized, so the quality of each player's gear will play a key role.

The content update also brings floors 9 to 15 of the Mushin's Tower, and two dungeons: Cold Storage and Sogun's Lament. The second one is the most difficult dungeon to date, and it's available in 4- and 6-member mode.


Blade & Soul Shattered Empire image (1) Blade & Soul Shattered Empire image (2)

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