The Berserker Class Arrives to Skyforge

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Skyforge unveils its third starter class: the Berserker, a ruthless warrior who knows neither fear nor pity, a killing machine that rips its enemies with a two-handed chainsword. There is a gameplay trailer and some information on its basic abilities.

Check out the berserker in action:

Berserkers have a wide range of tools at their disposal that allow them to control their opponents through slows, stuns, knock backs or by pulling their opponents into range. With just a few swings of their massive chainsword, they can cripple several enemies all at once. Not all of their abilities are offensive in nature. They are also are able to reflect incoming damage and can even partially restore health.

Some of the Berserker's abilities:

Destructive Attack: This ability has two charge levels. Clicking the button will inflict a small amount of damage to enemies in a small radius in front of the Berserker, and holding the button will make the Berserker swing their chainsword; creating a Destructive Wave around them that inflicts moderate damage to enemies in a greater radius. :

Dissection: Inflicts a small amount of damage to all enemies around the Berserker. Use it to gain Rage in a fight against multiple opponents.

Fracture: On the last hit, the Berserker leaps up and strikes the enemy, inflicting heavy damage.

Tornado: The Berserker begins to spin, launching three vortexes that lift enemies into the air, inflicting heavy damage and knocking them back.

Battle Frenzy: For a few seconds, this ability restores 70% of damage taken and protects the Berserker from finishing blows. For the duration of the ability, the Berserker becomes immune to slowing effects and their movement speed is increased.

Gladiator (ultimate ability): The Berserker turns into a Gladiator enveloped in flames.

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