Bag and Tag, a New Mode in Warface

A new game mode arrives today in Warface. Crytek's free to play MMOFPS is launching "Bag and Tag", a new night-themed PvP mode where up to 16 players can hunt and be hunted.

This new mode is set in a map inspired by the Mojave desert, featuring a wild battlefield in which the darkness creates many opportunities for ambushes. As night falls, players compete collecting the dog tags of their enemies.

Check out the trailer for this new PvP mode:

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Source: Crytek press Release.

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One Comment - "Bag and Tag, a New Mode in Warface"

  1. Jafarson September 30, 2015 at 8:28 PM -

    f u c k crytek for server restructions and f u c k crap version

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