Atlas Reactor Closed Beta Announced

Atlas Reactor Launches Season 3

Atlas Reactor has opened access to everyone for a limited time. The free to play turn-based PvP game entered Open Alpha and it will be available for a couple of weeks, until it moves to Closed Beta in April 14 as announced on the newest trailer.

The Open Alpha features Oz, a new playable character who generates images of himself that mirror his abilities and can trade positions with one another.

“With a game that appeals to such a wide range of players across multiple genres, we’re really focused on perfecting the fast-paced, simultaneous turn-based mechanic at the core of Atlas Reactor, and we need plenty of players diving into the game to do that,” said Peter Ju, executive producer on Atlas Reactor. “Equally important, we’ll be stress testing and load balancing with the game open to everyone for the first time. Jump on in and help us break things! It’s all in the name of delivering a finely-tuned experience at launch.”

Additionally, Trion has revealed that the Closed Beta will include a new map, new heroes, spectator mode and some new metagame elements, such as seasons. All those who participated in the Alpha Sneak peek in February or purchase a founder's pack will be granted automatic access to the Closed Beta.

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