Armored Warfare Unveils Tier 10 Vehicles


Update 0.15 will bring the first Tier 10 vehicles for Armored Warfare. Obsidian Entertainment and have just announced it along with some details about the upcoming content update and a teaser video.

Six will be the first Tier 10 vehicles, cutting edge prototypes and concepts that could appear in service in the upcoming decade. The main battle tank T-14 Armata, the light tank PL-01, the main battle tank Leopard 2A7-140, the armored fighting vehicle SPHINX, the main battle tank XM1A3 and the main battle tank Challenger 2B. These vehicles will be unlockable through a token system (similar to the one used for Tier 9 vehicles).

The update will also introduce two new co-operative PvE missions: Operation Prometheus and Operation Meltdown; a visual upgrade to the garage UI that will allow players to filter which vehicles are shown; and changes to the APS and Anti-tank guided missile.

Watch the teaser now:

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