Armored Warfare Introduces its PvE Mode

Armored Warfare Tank Shooter Game available on XBox One, PlayStation4 and PC has released a new video showcasing the PvE mode of Armored Warfare. This brand new game mode allows players to team up in groups of five members and face objetive-driven missions. The new video tells the story of a mercenary and how he deals with the world and the war. Watch it below.

PvE mode features three different difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. The difficulty level defines the quality and the number of enemies players will have to fight, and they can select the level on the mission map screen.

Missions begin with a briefing explaining the location, the background and the objetives. This latest aspect is the most important. There are two types of objetives: primary and secundary, and all of them have a time limit. Objetives include capturing a location, destroying or protecting a target, and preventing the enemy from capturing a certain location.

Check out the video:

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