Allods Online launches its new update, Autumn Wind

Allods Online has launched its new update "Autumn Wind". This expansion brings several changes and improvements to the craft and to the popular sport Goblinball, as well as adding a new skirmish, Summerhold.

In Summerhold, 12 players will use 4 vehicles to defeat a colossal Golem, which tramples across the countryside destroying suply crates. The faster players exterminate this mech, the more medals they receive from the remaining chests.

The update also combines some professions to make them self-sufficient, simplifying its use. Blacksmithing merges with mining, and both leatherworking and tailoring will utilize dissembling.

Goblinball has also been redesigned, and from now all players can play the minigame. In addition, the skills have been improved, allowing players to charge, kick and block the small unfortunate Goblin that is the ball.

Source of information: Gpotato press release

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