Allods Online





Astrum Nival


Allods Online is a large and in-depth MMO RPG set in a fantasy realm of flying ships that explore the astral void where crews of daring heroes seek out new realms and pirate astral space seeking out rich adventure seekers. A beautifully stylised game set to the backdrop of a professional soundtrack score created by Mark Morgan (Fallout 1 & 2, Dexter, Planescape: Torment) Allods Online is one of the largest projects in Russian game development history.


-       Two available warring factions

-       Six races to choose from

-       Eight different archetypes

-       28 classes to play as

-       Hundreds of available skills

-       With more than 1500 quests

-       Graphics by award-winning artists

-       Motion captured animations

-       Dungeons and raid instances

-       Pets, crafting, PVP

-       A huge world to explore

-       An 11 year saga covered through an extensive games series


There are six different races that players can choose from divided between the two warring factions:

Orcs - violent and unpredictable the orcs are at war with nearly all the peaceful races of Sarnaut and beyond, their life is one of battle and destruction

Gibberlings – Small, furry creatures that reside on the continent of Isa, meaning “island” in the Gibberlings’ native tongue. The Gibberlings were common foes of the wild orcs.

Elves - The oldest and wisest of the races, the ancient elves has seen the development of all the other races, this combined with their mastery of magic has given them a superior attitude to others.

Kanians - Though united in adversity during a war against the orcs the Kanians cherish their freedom above all else, reflected by their social policies and the creation of Kania being a free state.

Xadaganians - a balance of military might the Xadaganians seek the dominance of astral space as their main purpose using the strength of their armies to achieve their goals.

Arisen - granted immortality by destiny the Arisen have returned back to the world after 2000 years, strange appearance on Sarnaut their eternal life guarantees that the world, ultimately, will be there’s to claim.


Astral space is one of adventure and exploration, the void between hundreds of huge floating islands known as allods, it is a dangerous place filled with astral demons seeking out unsuspecting prey and players that have embraced a life of piracy. Make your way across astral space as you captain your own ship and build up your own crew, those who dare to take the risks will be rewarded the greatest.


Operating System: Windows  XP/Vista
CPU: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or better.
RAM: 512MB
Required Hard Drive Space: 3 GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600+ VGA Card



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