Allods Online announces Path of Victory


Gala Networks has announced today a new upcoming update for its popular free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Allods Online. Path to Victory, this is the name of the new update, will allow users to generate their own dungeons and game content, which other players will be able to raid and plunder.

Path of Victory is going to arrive on the 5th of June 2013 and will brings into the game a slew of new features, including a huge upgrade to elite players’ private islands. On top of a visual make over, towers on these personal allods will now generate additional gold income as well as consumables for the most powerful spells available in game.


Players will be able to build their very own dungeons which they can protect with a variety of guards and monsters. Other players can form groups to raid these complicated mazes.

Moreover, a new tradeskill hase been added to the game: the Weaponsmith, who will be able to create weapons, relics and gems. The Warrior class has also received an overhaul to its abilities and rubies. Now the class will have more damage per second, a more dynamic range of abilities, and a wider selection of abilities to manipulate the field of battle.

Source of information: Gala Network press release.


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