Aeria Games Announces Twin Saga

Twin Saga Free-to-Play MMORPG
Aeria Games Announces Twin Saga


Later this year, a new free to play anime MMORPG will arrive in North America and Europe. Aeria Games will publish X- Legend Entertainment's Twin Saga. The game will be released in English, French and German.

“With freely swappable classes, a deeply immersive world, and a unique mobile housing system, Twin Saga is going to set a new high-water mark for anime fantasy games,” said Tom Nichols, COO, Aeria Games. “X-Legend has been a terrific partner with us for past successes and Twin Saga is shaping up to be their strongest effort yet.”

Twin Saga features a very interesting mobile housing system that offers customizable home bases that ben upgraded and equipped with tools for developing crafting and other professions.

Watch the announcement trailer:

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