A.V.A. World Championship Announced

Aeria Games have just announced two new eSports events for the free to play first person shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms (known as A.V.A.). In collaboration with the ESL (eSports league), the game will host a World Championship with huge prizes that will put players' skills to the test.

The World Championship (AWC) features a prize pool of $100,000. Qualifiers will kick off on April and will cultimate in the December LAN finals in Japan. Flights and accommodation for the winning teams will be paid for and free gear will be provided by Zowie.

The second event, the International Championship (AIC), will begin on May 16, offering standalone tournament qualifiers. The winning team at the AIC qualifiers will travel to Taiwan to compete in the AIC Finals in July. Victory at the finals will mean automatic seeding for the World Championship in December.


AVA screenshot24 AVA screenshot30 AVA screenshot32 AVA screenshot34

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