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  • Neowiz Games has presented its new MMORPG Bless with a new trailer
  • Neowiz Games has unveiled Bless, the company’s first Unreal Engine 3-powered title.Bless, is a MMORPG being created by more than 150 developers with extensive experience in producing games in the genre. Influenced by medieval fantasy themes, the universe of Bless comes with 10 different races,...
  • First Impressions on Swords of Divinity
  •   During this past weekend we checked out R2Games’ Swords of Divinity, a free to play team building MMORPG where players have to travel through a fantasy world and assemble their own team of Mercenaries, level them up, equip them and fight through various PVE features and some optional...
  • Webzen Games Summer 2016 Special Giveaway
  •   Starting today and for a month, until July 26 (or until we run out of codes), we'll be giving away item packs for the following Webzen's games: ASTA, ELOA, Rappelz, MU Online, C9 and Flyff. Keys are limited to one per account, so get one and pick the right one when redeem it. Depending...


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