Wizard 101



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Based in fictional Ravenwood School of Magical Arts Wizard 101 is a browser-based trading card game where players act as students of wizardry caught up in events where they must save Spiral by fighting monsters in this free to play turn-based combat MMO.

Main Features

Family Fun - parents have hands-on control of who their children can speak to and how they can interact as well as how much money can be spent on their account

Trading Card Game - fast-paced action yet casual to play Wizard 101 is based on popular collectable trading card games where players must build their own deck of cards and do battle

Pets Galore - there are hundreds of pets and creature companions that you can discover and collect on your travels, find them, train them and use them in battle

Wonderful Atmospheres - playful, colourful and child friendly the environments in Wizard 101 at captivating and provoke the imagination


former teacher of death Magic at the school, Malistaire Drake, has sent out a horde of millions made up of ghosts, ghouls and all the wonderfully horrifying creatures that he is summoned to do his bidding. Follow all the storyline to uncover Malistaire’s plot and try to foil it at every turn whilst under the supervision and direction of the school headmaster Merle Ambrose who will guide you as you begin to learn the magic arts.

Schools of Magic

there are a number of schools of magic available to learn within Ravenwood, each having their own professor who can teach you in the mystical practice, by answering a number of questions during character creation your primary School will be allotted to you. The 10 branches of magic are as follows:

Ice - with the naturally largest health pool ice wizards are capable of soaking up a lot of damage and of their primary spells revolve around increasing defences and absorbing wounds. Thaumaturrges lacks the aggression and offensive power of many other schools, though retain a moderate level of accuracy, and also have the ability to pull aggro from friends onto themselves.

Fire - primarily focusing on damage over time, where damage is continuously inflicted on the enemy, where individual spells are powerful when stacked with other spells they become even more so. As well as their direct offensive capabilities via wizards also have the ability to storm their opponents and forcing the enemy to miss a turn of battle.

Storm - storm wizards, known as Diviners, are taught to do high amounts of damage from very early on but in doing so they lack accuracy in their casting. This maximum damage is offset by having the lowest health total of all the schools, however they also have the ability to remove damage buff spells from their enemy.

Life - the life school mainly teaches its students how to adopt the healing arts to mend the wounds of both themselves and their companions, a completely unique type of magic to this school as well as a group heal spell. Their damage output is low to moderate at best but this is compensated for by having extremely high accuracy.

Myth - in this school students are taught to summoned minions, alternately with a total of five being allowed, where each serves a different purpose. The Myth wizard focuses as being a general all-rounder, his minions are able to Heal spells and both can solve the Myth wizard can fulfil many roles.

Balance – finding equality and harmony is the key to learning the art of balance within magic, drawing on various elements of the different schools and using hearts of those schools to in many ways create a greater, stronger power. Those who follow the heart of balance are known as sorcerers and use their skills to harness the other schools of magic, which takes much longer to perfect but it’s sheer power is far greater than any single school of magic.

Moon - students studying Moon Magic are able to use polymorph and transformation spells that can alter a wizards appearance, health and even their critical rating, lasting six rounds a good polymorph wizard can quite easily turn things around in a battle that has been going their way.

Sun - consisting primarily of enchantment and mutations, which changes the School of the spell, for example mutating a Kraken card from the storm Magic School and turning it into a fire spell. Simply enchanting a card with a sun spell can increase either its damage or general spell accuracy to make it a much more powerful and efficient card.

Star - made from the auras that can be used to affect a wizard for four rounds with a range of effects such as blocking, increasing healing and of course extra damage.


Chat systems

as the game is family friendly and ownership is placed into the hands of the parents as to what content their children can be exposed to the chat systems within Wizard 101 are a little more restricted comparison to other MMOs.

Menu chat - hear anything you type can be seen by other players in the area from a word bubble over the head of the speaker within the areas chat box.

Open Chat - when you have a credit card and have proven that you are over 18 years old open chat is enabled. Read words cannot be seen even by the player themselves, whereas yellow words are restricted to young players and dots (…) will be seen instead.

Text Chat - when two players wish to speak privately then text chat is used, showing up onscreen in a transparent box where words that are in white can be read and are available for anyone to view, however yellow words can only be seen by the players that have their account set to Open Chat (see above).


providing a play is connected to the Internet the game will automatically download and remain in the background so as not to disturb your gameplay; no installation is required at all.

System Requirements

Internet: Internet Connection Required
Operating System: Windows 98SE or later versions
DirectX: 9.0c or newer
Processor: 1GHz Intel Processor
RAM Space: 512 Megabytes
Video Card: Best results with GeForce 2 or equivalent (standard in most PCs)
Disk Space: 5 Gigabytes