World of Tanks, the new Team Battle mode is coming

Special World of Tanks Tournaments for Wargaming 15 years anniversary

Wargaming has just unveiled some interesting details about the Team Battle Mode, a new combat mode for their popular action war game: World of Tanks.

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Update 8.9 will introduce the Team Battle mode, significantly adding to the competitive component of the game,” said Mike Zhivets, producer on World of Tanks. “The new combat scenario will allow tankmen to form teams and master their tactical skills, fighting against players with similar level of expertise.

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With the new update 8.9 the German and Soviet Tank Roaster will also be expanded with new destroyers from tier 4 to tier 10, like the popular Marder III, the Tier 6 Nashorn or  The formidable Waffenträger auf E 100.

There will also be  a new battle arena set in North America and called "Northwest".

Source of information: Wargaming press release

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