World of Tanks Onslaught

World of Tanks Onslaught
World of Tanks Onslaught

The mode features new gameplay mechanics and a suite of rewards

Calling all commanders! World of Tanks is introducing a brand-new competitive game mode, Onslaught. From October 12 through to November 21, tankers will have the opportunity to face players of equal rating and find out who is the strongest. Battles in Onslaught will take place in the 7x7 format in Tier X vehicles only and during the Season of Griffin. The mode features many new gameplay mechanics and among a large number of rewards, players will find unique progressive 2D styles that will highlight their achievements.

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New gameplay mechanics have been introduced to ensure the mode provides the optimal environment for tankers to compete on an equal playing field. All changes are designed to further enhance Onslaught's competitiveness. The matchmaker will be selecting both allies and opponents for teams based on the mode’s ranked system. During the countdown before entering battle, players will be able to select a different Tier X vehicle in the pre-battle lobby or switch to a different set of equipment, shells, and consumables.

All vehicles in this mode feature their own combat roles, and each role will have a unique role skill with three levels of charge that players can use to strategize and upgrade during the battle. Instead of the classic three-player Platoons, Onslaught features two-player squads and offers an option to create a team of seven commanders and fight against an opposing Super Platoon.

To make battles even more unpredictable, Onslaught will feature the Fog of War mechanic. At the beginning of a battle, teams will not know the location and strength (i.e., vehicle types and models) of the enemy forces until they’re spotted.

The thrilling mode will offer two lines of rewards. The first line features unique progressive 2D styles, Dog Tag elements, and more, and is based on a player's Rank. The second features more traditional, valuable rewards, such as bonds and pieces of equipment, and is based on the number of victories.

To learn more about Onslaught, please visit: World of Tanks

Source: Wargaming - World of Tanks

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