What Do You Love About… Defiance?

We’re checking out Trion’s post-apocalypse free to play MMORPG Defiance for our latest “What Do You Love About…?” article, players find themselves as Ark Hunters, mercenaries for hire who specialise on seeking out alien technology that have to work alongside and fight with all manner of alien and biologically mutated races. The game is tied directly to the SyFy channel’s TV show of the same name, with aspects and story/world progression from the show affecting changes in the game, creating a constantly evolving MMORPG. Available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 the game has been around since April 2013 and has done pretty well due to some of its more original gameplay features, but for us there’s a few things that really make it shine.

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  • Dynamic Multiplayer Events - Players have to work together to overcome world threats. One of the things we love the most are the number of random events that will spawn in the game dynamically and will typically pull in random players in the vicinity who will often work together to overcome the challenges; particularly greater challenges like Arkfalls. This creates the type of random group multiplayer co-op that we see in the likes of Planetside 2, where you really feel like you’re working together with other players on a singular goal outside of pre-planned instanced based quest objectives. Similarly by starting a mission around the same time as someone else then you are able to instantly group together to help complete it and helps players meet new people to group up with in the future.

  • Feels Like a Shooter - The game has strong shooter elements. With the lack of auto-aiming and the mostly projectile based weaponry the game actually doesn’t feel like an MMORPG at all and instead feels like an action shooter MMO, which is great fun and kind of understandable with the predominantly PVE focused content. Walking around the free roaming open world, whether on foot or driving vehicles with real physics, there’s plenty of times you get that single player shooter vibe but with the added bonus of being able to play with other people and dip into the PVP events every so often if you feel like it.

  • Strong Expanding Storyline - The lore is extensive and continues to grow. The story background, world events and number of quests and side quests go to show how detailed and padded out the actual lore is, further added to be the mini episodic updates and the accompanying TV show that grows in popularity means the game is only going to become richer in content as well as evolve over time to emulate the progression from the show. Getting wrapped up in the missions, co-ops and story content really mitigates the levelling process and players feel more like they are part of the story than having to concentrate on a level grind.

  • Guns. Guns. Guns. - If you can think of it, it probably exists. There is a huge amount of variety when it comes to available weaponry, not just traditional, modern or new future technologies, but completely alien weaponry including such weapons as Infectors that infects a target with alien bugs that will grow on them before they burst out of their host to kill them; pretty gruesome. Then you have the traditional shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and all manner of melee weapons. That’s not enough though, players are not only able to seek out the wide spectrum of weapons but can also tinker with them and customize them with various mods to make your base weapons completely different and add your own preferences to them. It’s a simple but extremely fun and flexible crafting system that goes a long way to giving players that extra edge when it comes to personalization that the four primary abilities don’t necessarily offer.

  • The Shadow War - We love the massively open PVP battles. Where other MMORPGs try to contain the PVP experience, make it instances based or have simple open world flagging objectiveless combat, Defiance has taken a different direction with its Shadow War. In the game both PVP and PVP will occur in the same place on the huge open world map; those players conducting PVE can see other players firing at each other engaged in the Shadow War… and they can drop what they’re doing and choose to jump in. With dynamic objectives that will take players across the map, typically using vehicles to carry multiple players, it adds a thriving living element to the world and a whole new level of gameplay.

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These are some of the things that we love about Defiance, but what do you think? What do you love about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!

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