War Rock To Release Blackshark

War Rock To Release Blackshark

War Rock will receive tomorrow, March 16, a new content update: Blackshark. This update will introduce a new close-quarters map, new elite weapons and some in-game events. The BlackSharks is an elite squad of high-ranking officers from NIU’s special operation force.

The brand new map is called Modern House, and it features a new type of gameplay: close quarter action. It will offer intense gameplay and new weapons with the BlackShark squad design; a selection of different guns, such as the MPX, the VSS, the M4A1 or the M202A1.

Additionally, Throughout April, all those who login will be granted an 100% bonus on all EXP on the new map. By playing for at least 30 minutes a day, players can also earn up to five coupons per day, which can be used later to purchase special items.

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