War of the Immortals Unveils the New Expansion


Perfect World unveiled some new fresh details about the new upcoming expansion for War of the Immortals, Cult of the Wyrm. Get ready to put your hands on the new zones, combat mount glyphs, essence cards, new level cap, a new pvp arena, new instances, such as Fjalar’s Golden Palace, Nidhogg’s Burrow, Treasure Bay, Forlorn Ravine and Scorpio Temple and more.

The new zones include Ashen Roots, a newly discovered area  below the Ashen Falls filled with menacing creatures and Midgard Highlands, an area blanketed with toxic ash.

War of the Immortals screenshot 5War of the Immortals screenshot 4

Take a look at the new gameplay mechanics:

- Feats of Heroism: New objetives with a huge array of rewards.
- Combat Mount Glyphs: stat bonuses and skills for Combat Mounts using Glyphs earned from the new Warlord Arena.
- Essence Cards: Monsters and Bosses cards to get stat bonuses and passive skills by using them.
- Temple of Tyr - A new temple to earn new Heroic Skills for each class.
- Warlord Arena: A new 3v3 PvP Arena.


Source of information: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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