Silent Hunter Online wallpapers

  • Silent Hunter Online, First look Gameplay Video
  •     Silent Hunter Online puts you in charge of your own fleet of German U-boats during WW2, that’s right, for once you are by default set up as the Axis, you are the bad guys; a nice twist. Patrolling the oceans in your submarines you will navigate the waters seeking out enemy...
  • Silent Hunter Online Interview with Historical Adviser
  •     Ubisoft just released the video interview that was conducted with the historical consultant for Silent Hunter Online, Matthias Siedlaczek. Check-out the video and see how his expertise helped shape the game. Fonte: comunicato stampa Ubisoft.
  • Ubisoft has presented its browser MMOG Silent Hunter Online
  • Ubisoft is developing a new free-to-play, browser MMOG Silent Hunter Online.The game promises players a realistic, constantly evolving submarine simulation unlike any other.Silent Hunter Online sees the return of the large array of historically accurate submarines that made the franchise famous,...