Silent Hunter Online, First look Gameplay Video



Silent Hunter Online puts you in charge of your own fleet of German U-boats during WW2, that’s right, for once you are by default set up as the Axis, you are the bad guys; a nice twist. Patrolling the oceans in your submarines you will navigate the waters seeking out enemy Allied fleets and blowing them to pieces with your torpedoes.

The game is quite involved with lots of different options, strategies, upgrades, orders and more that you can take advantage of when out on missions and these are walked through with the in-depth tutorial. Monitoring everything from your ships supply of torpedoes, fuel, crew  and the handling of repairs from damage taken in battle there is a whole other side to the game that offers up keen management features.

As the captain of your ships you are responsible for hiring your officers, who each have a number of different abilities that will help you out in your missions. Ranging from the Weapons Officer who can give you information on enemy targets, to the Navigator who can help you sail the ocean, these men and women will keep you out of trouble when the tide turns. Through successful actions they will each increase in level and their tasks will be performed quicker and more efficiently.

Combat is simple, slow but in some ways quite engaging. The key to making an attack is positioning, either coming at a target from its flank so you have a wider target to hit, or from behind with a narrower target but the ability to fire your torpedo along their projected path a lot easier. Watching the little grey blip make its way from your U-boat towards the enemy and the anticipation before a strike is pretty awesome, then watching as the night skies light up with a huge explosion and your officer reports your direct hit!

With all manner of buttons and levers to push inside your U-boat you feel like you do have the entire ship at your command; choosing your speed, depth, which torpedoes to fire, monitoring your ships noise levels to stay under the radar from enemy ships or even executing emergency crash dive manoeuvres when enemy aircraft are sent to take you out.

Customize your u-boats with all manner of accessories available in the shop, improving the various aspects of your different ships from engines, speed, arsenal to improving the range of your sensors and other abilities that in a pinch will stop you from finding the bottom of the ocean with your hull bust open.

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