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  • Bleach Online Free Items Giveaway We want to make Bleach fans happy again by offering them an exclusive free items giveaway for Bleach Online. Today, August 17, 2017, we are adding new keys. There are different codes depending on your region (North America or Europe), so pick the right one....
  • Bleach Online Review
  •   Bleach Online went into Open Beta a few days ago and we took a first look at this new MMORPG to see what it was all about and just exactly what it offered. This title, in case you don't know it, is based on the popular Japanese manga by the same name, which revolves around the adventures...


2 Comments - "Bleach Online Review"

  1. Wraith November 20, 2014 at 9:03 PM -

    Just like any other “F2P” MMO I’ve seen recently – this game revolves around money – lots of it.

    I have great suspicion that there are hired games or just developers/owners/stakeholders who are given free in-game paid currency in order to get insanely strong and thus make others spend large amounts of money in order to catch up with them.

    Furthermore servers die pretty much within 1-2 weeks of being released due to such individuals. There’s very few remaining and trying to play a game which turns into single-player quite soon.

    Bottom line – unless you intend to spend hundreds of dollars – don’t even bother trying to play.

  2. Ace March 5, 2016 at 7:29 PM -

    Sure, this game can be fun for a time; until you realize that it can cost up to five-hundred dollars to purchase a good character from an event. These people are only out for your money; much more than any other game I’ve ever played. Due to the Chinese/U.S. currency exchange; these people deliberately target Americans and charge them more compared to people of their own country. As for the story line; there isn’t one. It’s the same tasks every day of every week; only the events change and even those become repetitive; constantly asking for your to spend more gold. The customer service is the absolute worst; they never write you back and half the time; if you do top up; you will not get your gold since the game is always glitching. They also lure you in with special deals if you do top up but many times; you will not receive those deals once you do. I would highly suggest that people stop playing this game; say no to game staff who treat their customers the way that they do. There are so many other games out there; I highly suggest passing up on this one. Besides; this game will probably be forgotten over the next couple years; don’t waste your money or your time.

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