Bleach Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Set in the manga anime world created by Tite Kubo Bleach Online is a story driven browser MMORPG that is completely free to play, using many of the characters, themes and lore from the comics and animated series the game is a party building MMORPG where players must work on improving their party members and their gear to fight enemies.


- True to the original Bleach comics/animations
- Three classes to play as
- Build up your own party of heroes from some familiar faces
- Be part of the world of Bleach
- Earn powerful items and gear to improve your parties Battle Power
- Defeat the forces of evil through engaging PVE
- Earn constant rewards and prizes through various in game features
- Create a Guild
- Play in your browser with no client download
- Free to play


The victim of some previous battle you were seriously wounded and rescued by Captain Commander Yamamoto, having slept for 1000 years upon waking your memory is foggy and you cannot recall who you were in your past life. Sent to the Human World it is here that you meet Ichigo and his companions, but it is not long until you are caught up in a devious plot and labelled outcasts and rebels.


Gameplay revolves around building up the player’s party, their main hero character as their primary party member players will meet new characters throughout their journey and recruit them onside to join them in the battle against the shadow spirits. Players must level up their party members; acquire new gear and skills to ultimately improve their Battle Power so that they can fight more impressive and challenging enemies through a variety of different PVE features.


There are three different classes to choose, each class has its own background and quest line and can be played as either a male or female character:

Ghost Sword - a ferocious combatant who often gives way to their uncontrollable fury to make them powerful and strong fighters

Spirit Blade – skilled ranged combatant that uses their prowess in marksmanship to use a powerful bow to kill enemies at a distance

Kidō - a cool, calm and competent fighter who relies on their intelligence and wisdom to dominate and control their enemies


Combat is an automated system where players are responsible for equipping their party members, levelling them up to earn new skills and positioning them strategically using the formation feature. When a player initiates combat with an enemy they have no control over the battle from that point and must rely on their strategy and tactics of setting up a strong party as both sides take turns attacking each other until there is a single victor. Upon winning players are graded on how well they did in the fight and earn rewards based on that grade, as well as this players can acquire new items or boosts when they are given access to 3 facedown random cards and they may choose one to turn over to gain a random bonus reward.


There are a number of different PVE focused features and areas in the game, particularly the instanced based areas that take players through a complete Bleach’s storyline and are accessible once players reach a certain level milestone. Players also have access to the Trial Tower, which activates different realms as players reach certain a character level; each realm has five different stages that must be completed in order to earn great rewards. Similarly players can head to Soul Hunt to search down the Wandering Spirits looking to escape the ghost realm, by stopping them players earn themselves extra prizes and rewards.


Players can earn new items and gear by performing quests and engaging in PVE through the different features, however there are many other ways to gain rewards such as the Daily Login System where players are rewarded for logging gain each day, encouraging players to continuously return to the game. Players can also gain extra Silver to buy items by checking out the Numa Class where players are given a Bleach-based trivia question with multiple choice answers, which they can access once per level.


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  1. Master Fakry September 1, 2014 at 11:04 PM -

    I play this game in Indonesia. The name/tittle is Soul Reaper.

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