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  • Rising Cities Free Items Giveaway
  • Rising Cities Free Items Giveaway   Being the mayor isn't easy, or so they say. Here it's your chance to prove you are fit for the job ( or to ruin the lives of your citizens). We are giving away $3-value packs for Rising Cities with all you need to succeed. Each pack contains:...
  • Rising Cities Review
  • Rising Cities Review   We recently checked out Rising Cities from Bigpoint, a free to play browser based MMO that is a mix of Sim City meets Farmville to bring a very casual, fun and easy to pick up city building game where players start out as a budding mayor of a fledgling city...


One Comment - "Rising Cities Review"

  1. Cass March 29, 2014 at 4:07 AM -

    This game is my new favorite game…. or one of them anyway. I still love Howrse.com but this is more quick, fast paced and challenging while Howrse is more a slow strategy game.
    Personally I give this game 10/10. 🙂

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