Rising Cities

Rising Cities is a Free to Play MMO RTS Browser game

Developer: Bigpoint
Platform: Internet browsers


Rising Cities is a free-to-play browser-based urban development simulation combining strategic management elements with casual gameplay. This MMO lets players take over the mayor’s role of their very own city who is tasked with creating living space for citizens and developing infrastructure and industry to allow their small city to thrive and evolve to a cosmopolitan metropolis. They will collect rents and resources, ensure sufficient energy supplies, produce goods, and trade them with other players.


- Wide variety of buildings to upgrade

- Numerous decorative items

- Production of goods for trade in a dynamic market

- Balancing of needs & demand of both residents and city

- Suitable residents dependent on urban zones types

- A variety of weekly quests and seasonal events

- No download required

- Completely free-to-play


The huge variety of the game’s different buildings and structures can be classified as follows: residential buildings, manufacturing buildings, commercial buildings, power plants, decoration, streets, and special.

All buildings must be connected to roads to let the construction take place and to start their production of either income or goods. They moreover require a building permit to be placed/ installed. The number of building permits is limited; players may only construct as many buildings as the amount of building permits they own. Additional permits have to be purchased.

Residential buildings

Residential buildings accommodate the city’s inhabitants and produce regular income.

Manufacturing buildings

Manufacturing buildings create materials needed to construct other buildings as well as goods for commercial buildings.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings use resources and products produced by manufacturing buildings to fulfil the needs of residents.

Power plants

Power plants produce the energy required to run the city’s factories and other energy consuming structures.


Streets are required to deliver resources and goods to the places where they’re needed, enabling buildings to work. They are also a sort of grid through which electricity flows.


Decorations are the best way to increase the city’s mood as they neither require materials for their construction nor need energy.


As mayors, players have to decide what kind of resident they want to accommodate in their residential buildings. Each type of resident grants special currencies, if the needs of the buildings they inhabit are met. Workers yield production points while capitalists yield city credits.

As some residential buildings require a certain commercial one nearby, they have to be placed within this particular building’s radius in order to produce income. By delivering products to commercial buildings, the surrounding residential ones grant special currencies. Having collected enough rental income, players will reach the next upgrade level and unlock the next round of needs.


The city’s source of energy and the resident’s mood directly influence the progress players make in Rising Cities. They can easily improve the mood by decorating their city. The better the mood in the player’s city, the more people will move into the residential buildings, thus granting more rental income.

The higher the energy level which can be increased by building more power plants, the higher the yield on the city’s production will be. However, players have to maintain the balance, for power plants and productions dampen the mood.


Internet connection

Web browser

Flash version 10.0


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