Prime World videos

  • Prime World, Tutorial gameplay walkthrough
  •   This past weekend we got the chance to check out Prime World and of course we recorded our experience. If you want to discover this game which mixes MOBA, persistent hero, player progression, and Castle building, play through the tutorial with us. Enjoy!
  • Prime World, closed beta announced
  •   Nival has announced the beginning of beta registrations for their role-playing strategy game Prime World. This interesting game promises to merge MOBA battles with different game modes, persistent character development and castle building. You can equip and train your hero between...
  • – Gamescom 2011 – New details of Prime World
  • In the Gamescom had the opportunity to play to Prime World, the upcoming free to play social strategy game from the Russian developper Nival, which developped several popular games including Heroes of Might and Magic V. Nival is planning to launch the Russian closed beta later this year...


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