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  • Added Faxion Online to our data base
  • We have added to our data base a full profile, with information, screenshots, wallpapers and videos of Faxion Online. Take a look.Screenshots | Wallpapers | Videos | Profile
  • Faxion Online reveals details about its combat system
  • UTV True Games, today revealed new details behind the unique visceral combat system in the upcoming MMORPG, Faxion Online. The hellish combat-driven game puts a cheeky spin on the fight between Heaven and Hell as players engage in battle for ultimate dominance.As the player journeys through...
  • UTV True Games opens registration for Faxion Online Closed Beta
  • UTV True Games announced today that Faxion Online has begun registration for its closed beta phase which will occur in Q1 2011. Faxion Online is a combat-driven game featuring aggressive and robust PvP game play and a unique territory control system that allows the different factions to battle...


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