Everquest Next videos

  • EverQuest Next Landmark, new screens from the Alpha
  •   Take a look at these new juicy screenshots from the recently started Alpha test of EverQuest Next Landmark, the sandbox building game developed by SOE and part of the big EverQuest Next project. Landmark gives you the chance to explore new wild worlds and claim territories, plus...
  • EverQuest Next announced
  • Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has unvealed its new vision for the future of online games announcing the worldwide debut of EverQuest Next. This innovative project boosts a plethora of interesting features: It will do without levels, offering more than 40 distinct classes/ professions...
  • What would you change about… EverQuest 2?
  •   For this “What Ward You Change About…” we head over to the world of Norrath and in particularly EverQuest 2, sequel to and as equally popular as the original EverQuest, one of the earliest fantasy MMORPGs that helped define the genre. EQ2 dates back to a 2004 release date and...


One Comment - "What would you change about… EverQuest 2?"

  1. TheWoozer April 3, 2015 at 11:04 PM -

    Everquest 2 was & is horrible it was the complete opposite if original Evequest I played the original for over a decade because it was a good game did it have flashy edge breaking graphics no but they were good enough for me. Eq II was a huge disappointment looking like EQ3 or “EQN” will also be a disappointment sony hired the cheapest dev team to make the game instead of the best possible team so hey you get what you pay for, good luck with the release of EQN.

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