Uncharted Waters Online celebrates a month full of rewards

Uncharted Waters Online has announced the beginning of a month full of rewards for their old and new players.

Players who return to the game, will experience the new expansion pack "El Oriente", and every day they log in, they have a chance to unlock items that will be key for exploring the mystical Asian region, such as the Modified Manila Galleon, as well as the East Asia shipbuilding techniques manual, so players can begin ruling the South China Sea.

The new players will receive every day various rewards that will make more easy his start in the game. The items range from tactical to profitable, and include the Secret no-war pact epistle which allows a player safe passage through dangerous waters, and the custom frigate ship, which is a vessel well suited for mercantile shipping and therefore less susceptible to costly pirate attacks.

Source of information: CJ Games Global press release

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