Uncharted Waters Online

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: KOEI


set within the age of exploration, uncharted waters online puts a nice historic twist on the era in this free to play MMORPG where players can build and buy their own ships, train up in over 75 professions, fight for their nation in land and sea-based warfare, capture cities and explore a vast and beautiful 3-D world.

Key Features

-          Build, buy and upgrade historically accurate ships, from Baltic galleons, Spanish carracks, English frigates and more

-          Work on over 75 different professions and train up in over 100 different skills

-          Use conquest or politics to take control over neutral cities

-          Huge naval battles of up to 100 V 100 players

-          Own your own city apartment or abandoned island

-          Dynamic live events run by in game GM’s

-          choose from six nations that played an integral historical part during this era: England, France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Venice


The year is 1453 A.D., the year when the Byzantium Empire’s capital, Constantinople, was taken and aggression between the sprawling Christian Empire clashed with the Eastern Muslim Turks in bloody warfare. Spain is on the rise and unites with Portugal to rally against the Muslim forces to the East, forcing an unprecedented age of sail as nations must put explorers to the task of renewing trade routes and more direct access to these distant shores, including those that live be on the great Atlantic ocean. It is a time of sail, discovery and great adventure.

Playable Classes

Players can choose from three different class types:

The Adventurer - responsible for heading out into the unknown and discovering all manner of treasures, exotic animals and on claimed the land using their excellent survival and sailing skills

The Trader - their sole purpose is to buy and trade exotic goods from all around the world and making the most of their trade networks as well as being able to craft items using Alchemy and Cooking skills

The Soldier - the primary defenders of traders and adventurers on the pirate infested seas, or alternatively becoming feared pirate’s themselves

 Game Economy

Players are able to trade with various items, invest their money and use diplomacy and politics to increase their relationships that will further enhance their own status and wealth, much like real life. The game’s economy fluctuates over time depending on the supply and demand the various tradable goods from the player community, all of which have tax and customs fees applied to them making an in-depth player run economy system. Discover various trade routes to buy low and sell high all around the world and make your own trade partners that you will discover on your journey.

 System Requirement

OS: Windows XP (SP2)
Processor: Pentium3 800MHz
Graphics: 32MB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c support
Memory: 256MB RAM
HDD: 8.7GB


Web:  Uncharted Waters Online




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