Truck Nation Goes Into Open Beta


Strap on your seat belts because Truck Nation is ready for the Open Beta. From now on, everbody is welcome to play Travian Games' newest browser-based game. After a six-week Closed Beta, the game is now prepared to open its doors.

In a bid to enhance interaction with other players, an association search feature has been added to the game. Players and associations can now search for the right fellow players so that they can step up against other truck companies and the computer-controlled villains at The Corporation.

A European map has been created where players from different countries will be able to compete for victory. Also, a big job overview has been integrated to the game, making it easier to keep track of all the truckers' routes.

And in adittion, players are now able to improve the skills of their hired drivers by allocating skill points, giving them greater freedom of choice.

Very soon we'll publish a review and a first look video, so stay tuned.


Truck Nation screenshot 3 Truck Nation screenshot 2 Truck Nation screenshot 1

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