Trove Shadow’s Eve

Trove Shadow's Eve
Trove Shadow’s Eve

Shadow’s Eve Returns in Trove with Halloween-Themed Quests, Events, and Rewards

Gamigo beckons children of all ages to gather ‘round to celebrate another year of Shadow’s Eve in its popular voxel-based MMO, Trove. This year’s spooky experience introduces several new quests, collectibles, and buffs while also bringing back fan favorites such as the Wolves’ Den, Pumpkin Dungeons, and more!

One of the first things Trovians are going to want to do is follow the Shadow’s Eve questline, which helps guide players through all of the fun and frightening activities available this year. Players will meet with Wolfsy in the hub to begin this questline, which consists of collecting pumpkins in the Cursed Vale, clearing pumpkin dungeons, defeating a Wolves’ Den boss, and gaining access to the Shadow’s Eve daily quests.

Once Trovians gain access to the daily quests in the Shadow’s Eve questline, they can jump into the all-new Q’rsed Bite questline that starts off with a meeting with High Priest Lunavic. Collect a number of resources to craft and use the Cleansing Moonshard to ensure players don’t become afflicted with the Q’rsed Bite. In addition to earning protection from such a baneful bite, Trovians can also earn the new Q’rsed Direwolf mount and earn a Golden Key for the Q’rsed Crate, which guarantees rare tradeable rewards including two new Bomber Royale bomb styles, a new ally, and a new mount.

Trove’s Shadow’s Eve event is now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch and will run through November 1, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC.

Trove - Shadow's Eve Trailer can be seen here. Trove - Shadow’s Eve with Halloween-Themed Quests, Events, and Rewards

Source: Gamigo AG - Trion Words - Trove

More about Trove:

Trove is a Free-to-Play sandbox voxel MMO based adventure where players can explore an endless amount of randomly generated worlds filled with quests, enemies and treasure to be explored and discovered. The landscape is completely destructible and re-buildable, smashing through walls or deep underground your next adventure may be just under the surface.

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