Trickster Online has received a new update

SG Interactive has announced today that Trickster Online has received a major update which includes a new Pet System, as well as significant improvements to the Wedding System and Egg Shop.

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With the update, a New Pet Evolution System has been streamlined so that players are guaranteed stat increases at each new level. A further update also now allows players to fuse two pets, resulting in a single new and improved virtual companion who will aid players in their travels.
Speaking of companions, players who have made use of the Wedding System to partner with another player will now benefit from an Anniversary System that rewards virtual fidelity with in-game Wedding Gift items that can disappear if couples “divorce.”

Lastly, the Egg Shop is now selling innerwear for all levels and classes. Every quarter, a new 7-item set will be introduced, with the Panda Set being the latest available for purchase.

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“We work hard to keep the Trickster Online universe engaging for users, because no one wants to participate in an online community that doesn’t grow with the players,” said Chris Lee, CEO of SG Interactive. “These updates should mix things up for Trickster adventurers, hopefully keeping them on their toes, happy, and entertained.”

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