Tribes Ascend meets The Marksman


Hi-Rez is proud to announce The Marksman, the latest update for its free-to-play MMOFPS, Tribes: Ascend.
The update, scheduled for this month, will features a lot of interesting news, starting with the support of the Blitz mode on the Crossfire map. There will also be a brand new weapon for the Sentinel: the Blinksfusor, the first full inheritance projectile weapon in the history of the franchise. The weapons name comes from the nickname of one of the bests Tribe: Ascend players, Blinks.
New variants of the Spinfusor, for the Soldier and the Pathfinder, are also in the update.

And here a little surprise, a video blog with Todd Garris, Hi-Rez COO, that speaks to the players while wearing Lederhosen to celebrate the release of the German version of the game.


Source of information: Hi-Rez press release.

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