Total War Battles: KINGDOM To Launch Next Week


SEGA's free to play cross-platform real time strategy game, Total War Battles: KINGDOMlaunches worldwide on iOS, Android, PC and Mac next week. On March 24, this new title will be available for all those who wish to play it.

Watch the launch trailer below.

In Total War Battles: Kingdom players enter a persistent world where they get to manage their own kingdom, building castles and towns, raising an army and fighting against other players or AI enemies in large-scale battles.

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One Comment - "Total War Battles: KINGDOM To Launch Next Week"

  1. Darthest Darth March 17, 2016 at 10:10 PM -

    Well, I loved Total War games and wanted long ago to see something like that online. The problem is that this trailer shows that the game looks like Total War games 10 years ago. Second problem is that I play currently so many online games that hard to find place for one more. Sadly, this game is launched at least 5 years too late (or even 10).

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