Time to Save Anne in Star Stable

Star Stable Time To Save Anne

Time to Save Anne in Star Stable

From Star Stable Entertainment AB team here you have the last article from Star Stable.

Hello Soul Riders! Today it’s finally time for some of you to head into the dangerous world of Pandoria to bring home Anne von Blyssen!

The great rescue mission

Along with Lisa, Alex and Linda you need to unlock the portal to Pandoria and find Anne to bring her back home again. You better be careful though - rumor has it Darko from Dark Core has been seen nearby…

These quests will surely take you on an emotional roller coaster. We wish all of you the best of luck on this wild ride!

To be able to play this quest, you must have finished the quest where you, Linda and Alex listen to Lisa’s song.

Star Stable Soul Riders
Star Stable Soul Riders

Join the Soul Riders on their way to Pandoria! Join the Soul Riders on their way to Pandoria!!

The last week with Farah!

Farah is packing up her little store in Valedale and will leave Jorvik next Wednesday. Make sure to pop by and say hi if you haven’t done so already - you never know when she’ll be back again!

Extended storage for hair and makeup!

Are you a true collector and want to own ALL hairstyles and makeups in the game? This week we’ve extended the storage space for hairstyles and makeup in your home stable so you can make your dream come true!

Do you need a reminder on how the storage works? Whenever you purchase a new hairstyle or makeup, you will be asked whether you want to wear it immediately or if you’d like to send it to your storage. At any time, you can go to the vanity table in your home stable and click on it to pick from all your stored styles for a cool makeover.

Star Stable Home Stable
Star Stable Home Stable

All your styles are saved in your vanity table! All your styles are saved in your vanity table!

Gary Goldtooth’s Jorvik Wild Horses

You remember that Gary Goldtooth came to visit last week, right? He’s sticking around in Firgrove until next Wednesday together with three beautiful Jorvik Wild Horses that you can buy for your stable. Why not go pay him a visit!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is closed for business this week.

YouTube Video - Time to save Anne in Star Stable - Soul Riders: Anne von Blyssen

Source: Star Stable Entertainment AB. Article from Star Stable February 27th, 2019

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