The Saga: Iria continues in Mabinogi

Nexon’s fantasy MMO Mabinogi has just got another fresh dose of drama with Episode Five of The Saga: Iria.

In this fifth episode, players support the Giants in retaking Hillwen and the Elves in regaining Shyllien. Their counterattack goes quite well, perhaps too well. Dowra of the Giants wants to push the enemies back to Zardine and take on the White Dragon directly. While players recruit the Elves to help, a Cessair, a cult working with the dragons, gives a false prophecy to the Elves that the players will overrun the world.

Both Elves and Giants turn on the players, leaving them all open to being ambushed by the Cessair. The Black Mask confronts players as they find themselves in a precarious position, surrounded by enemies...

Source of information: Nexon press release.

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