The Mechanic Class Arrive in Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia has received a huge content update, introducing a brand-new class, three new zones and dozens of new quests. Check out the trailer below to see the new elements in detail.

The Mechanic is the newest class. As the other four ones, it features two evolution paths at level 30: Demolitionist, who uses long-range weaponry, and Engineer, who specializes in melee combat. At higher levels they will grow into even stronger forms: the Artillerist and the Mechmaster.

This update also adds new maps for players to explore (Vapor Vale, Dazzledell Hollow, and Port Riptide) and a new dungeon for level 100 players: Distorted Dimension: a dark, twisted alternate reality corrupted by some of the strongest monsters ever seen in the game.

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Source: Aeria Games Press release.